What is the UPort 1130 USB-To-Serial Converter?

A high-performance USB-to-serial converter called the UPort 1130 is made to link RS-232 serial devices to a computer over a USB port. This converter, which is made by industry leader Moxa, guarantees dependable data transfer and interoperability with Windows, Linux, and macOS, among other operating systems.

Key Features

  • Plug-and-Play Simplicity: The UPort 1130 is intended to be simple to use and install. Without the need for extra software or drivers, users may connect their serial devices to a USB port thanks to its plug-and-play capabilities. The operating system recognizes the device instantly, which makes setup easier.
  • Automatic Recognition: The operating system of a computer detects the UPort 1130 as soon as it is connected into a USB port. As soon as the converter is recognized by the system, the required drivers are installed. As a result, there is no longer a need for the laborious and often inaccurate manual driver installation procedure.
  • Driver Support: The UPort 1130’s maker, Moxa, offers thorough driver support for a range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. These drivers make sure that customers can quickly get their devices up and running. They are either pre-installed in the operating system or are readily available for download from Moxa’s website.
  • High-Speed Data Transmission: The UPort 1130 guarantees quick and effective data transfer between USB and serial interfaces with a maximum baud rate of 921.6 kbps. Applications that need fast data interchange, such point-of-sale systems, data capture, and industrial automation, depend on this high-speed capability.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Numerous serial devices, including as modems, printers, barcode scanners, and industrial equipment, are compatible with the UPort 1130. Because of its adaptability, it is the best option for a wide range of applications in many industries.
  • Robust Build Quality: The robust design and sturdy shell of the UPort 1130 are built to resist harsh situations. It is designed to operate dependably in industrial environments with potentially challenging physical conditions.
  • Comprehensive Driver Support: For the UPort 1130, Moxa offers comprehensive driver support, guaranteeing smooth interaction with a range of operating systems. The converter’s usefulness is increased and hassle-free communication is made possible by this extensive support.

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Applications of the UPort 1130

The UPort 1130 is useful in a wide range of situations when it’s necessary to link outdated serial devices to contemporary computer systems. Among the noteworthy applications are:

  • Industrial Automation: Numerous devices and control systems still use serial connection protocols in industrial settings. These devices can link with contemporary computers for control, data logging, and monitoring thanks to the UPort 1130, which improves data accuracy and operational efficiency.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems: Serial connections are used by a lot of point-of-sale devices, such barcode scanners and receipt printers. Businesses may ensure continuing functioning and minimize the need for costly hardware changes by connecting the UPort 1130 with modern POS systems that include USB connections.
  • Healthcare: Serial interfaces are often used in medical devices, such as patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment. To enhance patient care and expedite processes, the UPort 1130 makes it easier for these devices to be connected to computers for data analysis and electronic health record (EHR) integration.
  • Laboratory Equipment: S Data interchange for scientific instruments and laboratory equipment is often reliant on serial connectivity. By connecting older instruments to contemporary data collecting and analysis systems with the UPort 1130, researchers and technicians may improve their research skills and data management.

Advantages of Using the UPort 1130

  • Cost-Effective Solution: An affordable solution for integrating ancient serial devices with modern USB-enabled computers is the UPort 1130. This prolongs the life of current equipment and removes the need for expensive hardware replacements.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Secure data transfer between connected devices is ensured by the UPort 1130, which supports sophisticated data encryption algorithms. This is especially crucial in delicate applications where data integrity and confidentiality are critical, including healthcare and finance.
  • Improved System Integration: The UPort 1130 improves system integration by enabling smooth connection between serial devices and contemporary computer systems. As a result, there is an improvement in data flow, enhanced system administration, and productivity.
  • Scalability: The UPort 1130 is a scalable option for growing businesses since it allows many serial devices to be connected to a single computer. Growing companies and sectors that need to add additional devices without completely revamping their current infrastructure would benefit from this scalability.

The UPort 1130 USB-to-Serial Converter is an essential instrument for establishing connections between contemporary computer systems and vintage serial devices. Its combination of strong build quality, broad compatibility, and fast data transfer makes it a useful tool for POS systems, industrial automation, healthcare, and other fields. The UPort 1130 proves to be an essential part of today’s networked world by bridging the gap between outdated and modern technologies, improving data security, operational efficiency, and equipment longevity.


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