What Is The Process Of JetBlue Name Correction On Flight Ticket?

Are you worried about “How to change the JetBlue wrong Last Name on airline ticket?” As per the name correction policy of JetBlue Airlines, travelers are allowed to change misspelled names on their tickets. Additionally, the airline accepts many forms of name modifications (legal name change, minor correction, etc). If a name change is made within 24 hours of the reservation, there is no cost. On the other hand, you are required to pay the applicable name correction charge following the risk-free time. Explore the name change policy, procedure, cost, and other details by continuing to read the guide. 

What Are The JetBlue Name Correction Policy Rules & Regulations?

Every airline has its own set of guidelines that passengers need to abide with. Similarly, you must follow the terms and conditions as they apply in order to successfully finish the  JetBlue name correction on flight ticket

  • The only thing a passenger who bought their ticket straight from JetBlue can do is ask for a name change.
  • In addition, travelers are permitted to modify their initial passenger list reservation. Alternatively, you must reschedule a trip using a revised PNR.
  • Each traveler may only receive one reprint of their ticket.
  • Travelers must supply their NAMECART number in order to have their name updated on their ticket.   
  • Travelers must also provide their official documentation in order for the JetBlue Airlines name alteration procedure to go well.
  • It’s interesting to note that travelers can seek a name change owing to adoption, marriage, or divorce utilizing the name correction policy.

Which Kinds Of Name Changes Is JetBlue Airline Allowed To?

Occasionally, travelers make mistakes by writing the wrong name on their airline ticket. But for trouble-free travel, that fault has to be fixed. As a result, under the JetBlue name correction on flight ticket policy, the airline enables several forms of name modification. The sorts of name corrections that JetBlue Airlines accepts are listed below: 

  1. Typographical/Spelling Errors: You can fix a misspelled name on your ticket if it was caused by a typo. The airline also lets you add a middle/last name, fix names that are inverted, and alter your nickname to your real name.
  2. Mid-Travel Name Alteration: You may seek mid-travel name adjustments in accordance with the spelling and legal name change standards. This requirement does not, however, apply to the current reservation. You must also change the name on your existing reservation and cancel it. 
  3. Name Change Due to Marriage or Divorce: After getting married, a passenger can easily amend an existing airline ticket to reflect their new maiden name. Above all, for the procedure to go well, they must provide their marriage license. As per the JetBlue policy, passengers have the opportunity to request name changes for a number of different reasons, including divorce and adoption. 

How Can a JetBlue Passenger’s Name Be Changed?

The passenger can modify their name on their ticket in three ways: in person at the airport, online using the airline’s mobile application or website, or offline by contacting customer service. 

Method 1: Name correction online

All you have to do is follow the instructions below for JetBlue name correction on flight ticket online

Step 1: Open the JetBlue Airlines mobile app or go to the airline’s website.

Step 2: Select Manage Booking on the main screen.

Step 3: Type in your last name, ticker number, and confirmation code.

Step 4: Select the name you want to change by clicking the Modify tab. Modify the name to match the passport or a legitimate government identification document. 

Step 5: Pay for any ticket differences and JetBlue’s rebranding costs..

Step 6: The airline will email you to confirm when the name change is complete.

Method 2: Name Correction Via Call 

Travelers may change their name on their airline tickets offline by calling the official JetBlue customer support hotline. Guests may address their questions and have direct conversations with the agent. 1-800-JETBLUE is the official JetBlue customer service number. For immediate assistance, you may also give +1-800-865-1848 a call to talk with a qualified third-party representative. The legal certification has to be supported by an official government-approved ID or travel document. The agency may request money in order to effect the name change. The JetBlue name change will be confirmed to you once payment has been received. 

Method 3: Changing Your Name at the Airport

To get over any obstacles, you may also go to the airport and ask to have your name changed. Explore the following stages to learn the entire procedure:

Step 1: Proceed to the closest airport.

Step 2: Go to the counter of the JetBlue Airlines Help Desk.

Step 3: Now, elaborate on your concern with the name adjustment of JetBlue Airlines.

Step 4: After that, include details like your booking code and last name.

Step 5: When requested, provide all supporting documentation.

Step 6: Proceed in accordance with the instructions provided and verify the adjustments.

Step 7: Proceed to pay the applicable charge and see the email confirmation that accompanies it. 

What Is The Fee For Jetblue Name Correction On Flight Ticket?

The cost to modify the name on a JetBlue ticket is dependent upon several things. It is, however, about between $100 and $200. If you are using the Blue Basic price, the cost of your ticket to Mexico, the US, Central America, and the Caribbean is around $100 USD. Furthermore, the airline may allow you to seek a name change for free in certain situations. Visit the official airline website to learn more about the name modification cost. 


You may easily finish the name change procedure if you go forward while taking the terms and circumstances into consideration. Additionally, there are a number of offline and online methods available to you for requesting JetBlue Airlines name correction. If you have any questions or concerns related to Jetblue Flight Change, visit the official JetBlue website or give their customer service department a call at 1-855-ADA-LINE. You may also call the travel expert at +1-800-865-1848 to obtain the help and information you need. 


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