Dishing: A Practice To Improve Mindfulness Among International Students

Improving mindfulness is not just about eating expensive medicines or visiting the best psychiatrists. In fact, it could be as simple as dishing. International students, due to a continuous change in immigration policies and the uncertainty of a successful future, are becoming victims of the myriads of negative thoughts that play on a loop. In such a scenario, dishing which is very common for international students will work as the best rescue for them not to earn but to develop a perfect mindset ready to face the challenges.

In this article, we will help international students improve their mindfulness by telling them simple practices such as dishing. This could seem funny or strange but will surely yield positive results for you once you get the essence of this article.

When we clean the dishes, we never just clean them but along with that, we also delve into the ocean of thoughts that are anxious or good, and day-dreaming as well. You would also have washed dishes that way. Your hands are, for sure, cleaning the dishes but your mind is engaged in the thoughts that are full of anxiety. We have to change our lifestyle by changing the way we clean dishes. 

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The perfect way of dishing: The perfect way to improve mindfulness

When you are dishing, keep your mind focused on scouring the utensils, no matter what thoughts are coming to your mind. Just keep your mind focused on cleaning the dishes with efficiency. 

This is the perfect way of dishing and will help you develop a habit of doing your tasks with a sharp focus. 

Remember that for many people, dishing is just not about cleaning the utensils. In fact, it is also about thinking so many thoughts. If you are also among these people then, change the way of dishing and experience the bliss of mindfulness and living in the present. 

The way dishing helps international students:

Breaking the chain of negative thoughts 

Dishing can help international students break the chain of negative thoughts. Doing your menial tasks with sharp focus is the best way to break the chain of anxious thoughts. They get instant relief from the pain that the anxious or negative thoughts are causing them. 

So, basically, dishing works as a break for your mind and gives it relief from the negative thoughts that are racing non-stop. 

The bliss of the present 

When you do your tasks with focus, you get to experience the bliss of the present that negative thoughts never let you experience. Our mind is our best friend that helps us grow in life but on the other hand, it is also our worst enemy that can stop us from experiencing the bliss of the present. All you have to do is to do your menial tasks with focus and that’s all. The present moment will evince its bliss to you. 

Hence, dishing trains you to live in the present. 


A very huge crowd of the world is craving stillness and practicing the rigorous Meditation Mudras for this. Some of them also visit the Himalayas and practice meditation over there to get the bliss of stillness. But they don’t know that they can experience this bliss in their kitchens by washing dishes. Stillness comes when your mind learns to focus on the tasks and your heart gets relief from the pain of anxiety of the negative thoughts. You feel peacefulness in your heart and this is stillness. 

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So, dishing, which could be something that international students hate the most, can truly help them develop an incredible mindset. So, we hope that from now on you will not disdain dishing and instead, practice it to grow your mindfulness and take a break from the negative and stressful thoughts. 


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